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Innovative construction solutions

Coffrage Alliance offers complete construction solutions and services as a general or specialized contractor, for civil engineering and building projects. Specialist in concrete structures, Alliance is renowned for its innovative construction solutions.


Complex projects

Alliance has an expertise that drives the boldest of projects toward success. Its team has the necessary expertise to ensure the choice of innovative methods and techniques to meet the specific needs of each project. Its strategy is to choose the construction methods adapted to the project, ensure meticulous and realistic planning, allocate the necessary resources and honour its expertise in the on-site implementation.

Megaprojects /
Large-scale projects

Megaprojects / Large-scale projects

Having proven itself with this kind of project, trusting the Alliance team with a megaproject's concrete structure is providing a challenge that's on par with its expertise!

Thanks to its unequaled access to diverse, quality resources in the industry, the team maximises profitability while ensuring the highest quality service and rigorous health and safety management.

Special and
Architectural concrete

Special and architectural concrete

Having worked with many types of special concrete and with its unparalleled commitment to quality, exposed, special or architectural concrete are the niche of the team, which works in a meticulous, careful and responsible manner.

The satisfaction of providing impeccable concrete is a source of pride and duty for each member of the team.


Traditional projects

With its versatility and agility, the team brings together the right methods and the right resources for each project.

Traditional projects are implemented with tact and flexibility, in harmony with the client's budgetary needs, and in respect of Alliance's priorities: safety, quality, schedules and efficiency.

An engineer team listening to your needs

A+ Expertise With several dozen engineers, Alliance sets itself apart with its professionalism and wide range of services. Whether it's to elaborate construction strategies, implement in design-build mode or to optimize a structure design, the team has proven itself and is renowned for its significant contribution as a precious collaborator on the largest public-private partnership (PPP) projects in the province of Quebec as well as on design-build projects.

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